Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thank you Theodore Edison (1898-1992)


Theodore Edison told me much about his father. I learned a lot from him and sadly have forgotten a great deal. But he was my link to the past....and my connection to his father. He shared many stories with me... I will go into them in detail as this blog grows. But for now I thought it would be nice for much of the world to see one of the unknown Edison's...Theodore

He was a nice man, and very much in awe of his father as an inventor and as a person. I am glad that I was able to speak with him and learn much about his father. Theodore had a Lab in West Orange where he worked...As I recall he had something in the order of 72-75 patents. Calibron was the name of his company.
I was very young at the time and I did not ask the questions I would love to ask now....But we only have certain times to do the things we want too...But I have to say I was so lucky to have known him...Thank you Mr. Edison Posted by Picasa

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