Monday, October 09, 2006

Clash of the Titans 1917 picture gallery

Woodrow Wilson was our wartime President during WWI. He had been insulted by Roosevelt for years. He had been called terrible names by Roosevelt. Wilson had a Scots-Irish temper, and it was brought into action by the actions of Roosevelt. It was Wilson that stopped the actions of Roosevelt.
Roosevelt forgot his saying "speak softly and carry a big stick". He forgot, he spoke loudly and got hit with a big stick! Wilson was in many ways like Roosevelt. He was the star, and no one got shared billing. Politically he gave Roosevelt the hook.

Theodore Roosevelt was a brilliant President and world leader. But in the last 10 years of his life his ego got the better of him and he became more a sad comic figure rather than the great rough rider of yore. He was not above doing nearly anything to get his way. Which included character assassination, insults, lies, and bullying. Wilson was not about to be bullied by Roosevelt. Harry S Truman once said of Roosevelt "he was more bull than moose".

William Howard Taft was royally screwed by Roosevelt. He was made a fool of by him. Taft was often seen in the White House just terribly hurt and breaking into tears over his friendship with Roosevelt and the horrid things that Roosevelt was saying about him. In 1921 he was named Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. He once said to a friend .."I don't remember ever being President". Roosevelt tried to distroy him...but he failed.

Mrs. Helen Taft...Her ambition was a strong as Teddy's. She would not let him get away with anything. She was also the first First Lady to ride with her husband in the inauguration parade. She had a stroke shortly after entering the White House. She lost a good deal of her gusto. Her husband lovingly taught her again how to speak.

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