Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The strange death of President Harding picture gallery..These are some pictures dealing with the story in the next posting

Gaston Means perhaps did the worst damage to Harding. In his book of lies called the "Strange death of President Harding" ...He details all the things that he said he did...sadly he was never even in the White House. Yet by the time this book came out..People were willing to believe anything.

This book sold like hotcakes

This book also was responsible for the down sizing of Hardings stature. This was written by his mistress Nan Britten who states she had a child with Harding. It goes into all kinds of sultry information about their relationship.

This book also sold well...but is harder to find today.

This is a book by a crook talking about everyone else as if they were crooks!!
What more needs to be said...He was what he was.

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