Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Irving Berlin's anti-war song 1915

In this age of war, murder, and mayhem..I thought it would be interesting to have the words of one of the earliest anti war songs written.. Of course there are earlier ones..But I thought the words were quite interesting...Read them and think have we changed at all???????? Or are we still the same stupid people we have always been. Fighting, killing, and showing that the song is oh so right!

Irving Berlin's Stay down here where you belong! 1915


Down below, down below, sat the devil talking to his son.
Who wanted to go... up above, up above..
It's getting too warm for me down here and though.
I want to go on earth where I can have a little fun...
The devil shook his head.... And then he answered his son....


Stay down here where you belong....
The folks who live above you don't know right from wrong.
To please their kings.. They've all gone off to war..
And not a one of them knows what they're fighting for!
Way up above.... They say that I am the devil, and I am bad..
Kings up there are bigger devils than your dad.
They're breaking the hearts of mothers...
Making butchers out of the brothers.
You'll find more hell up there. Then you will, down below!

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