Monday, October 09, 2006

The greatest intellect in the presidential office....John Quincy Adams

Here you see Adams at home. It was interesting for me to see this room and see right where this picture was taken. Adams was much more than we make him into....What was most hidden was a broad sense of humor that was rarely allowed to be seen.

This photo of Adams was taken right at the end of his life. A life that has gone through more than any of us can explain. He toured through France with Benjamin Franklin...Met Voltaire....Was in Washington's administration and would meet with people who would influence the 20th century. He was more than words can ever say.

I like this picture...He seems on the edge of smiling.....

A painting of Adams in the early 1820's

The more one studies John Quincy Adams...the more one becomes amazed by his vast and incredible intellect. We know him as a President, congressman, ambassador. But he was also author, historian, poet, mathematician, scientist, and lover of fine wines.

We never think of J.Q. Adams as a athlete...But he was an avid swimmer and would walk miles at a rapid clip. He would in his prime amaze people much younger with his physical prowess.

John Quincy Adams did have a problem with wine....He loved it

In fact 2 of John Q's brothers died of alcoholism. Alcoholism seems to be strong in the Adams family. John Adams would drink a gill of hard cider each day. John Quincy Adams would drink wine every night. In fact he was known as a rather cold person. But after he had a few drinks under his belt he was a pleasant dinner companion.

He would often spend time with Dolly Madison and Daniel Webster and play cards....Both of them were known for enjoying a drink or two too! It was in these circles that he could relax and have some fun.

It is interesting to see that many of the early founding fathers enjoyed a drink or two...more toward two I would guess.

John Q. Adams was a genius...We rarely give him such an honor...But it is very true. He was also very human...and had many of our own human frailties.

He changed this world as we know it...We owe him much...yet few know who he was. One thing I know for sure is that he was the greatest mind and intellect of any president in our history.

The more I have come to know him, the more I have come to love him.

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