Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Weeping Room at Grand Central Station. Track 42 Grand Central Station

If you walk around Grand Central Station look for track number 42. It is the last track in the massive station. Today the room leading to it does not get much traffic in the evening, but during the day travelers go to and fro to their destinations.

But what few know is that Track 42 was the track in which all the soldiers were sent from. It was outside the gate in the room that leads to 42nd street that soldiers from WWI and WW2 said their last farewells, many forever.

So go and look at that room and remember the great sacrifice given by so many as they went away on track 42. It has always been known as the Weeping room since the first soldiers were sent away from there in 1917.

It was interesting to know I was where my grandfather left for the war and all the many hundreds of thousands of young men went to fight and for many to die.

It is where so much happened, so much took place. So as you honor veterans of past wars this Veterans day, remember this place. You can feel the passion in this room. It lingers like a distant memory. But one you can feel the presence of.

Go in the evening, it is so quiet there, like a tomb or monument..It really is a monument to many brave men and women. A special history hidden in the hustle and bustle of New York City.