Saturday, November 24, 2007

Smoking cigarettes in the 1930's ...Everyone did ...Here are some ads that prove that smoking is good for you. :)

They calm your nerves
They don't get your wind...says big Bill Tilden the champion tennis player.
You get a lift says "Cliff" Montgomery ..Football player.
Yankees iron man Lou Gehrig says they do not get your wind and give you strength. So mild that athletes smoke as many as they please.
Gives you a lift and energy so you can build better buildings.

Today we know better...Perhaps they knew better then too. But everyone smoked. I remember as a boy going into my doctors office. He was smoking, so was his nurse. Jackie Kennedy smoked, Franklin D. Roosevelt smoked, teachers smoked. Every store, every supermarket, had cigarette butts all over the floor. It was natural.
TV stars smoked, newscasters smoked, and so many people died from the effects of them.

Yes, it did not get your wind...It removed your ability to create it..It gave you heart decease, lung cancer, high blood pressure, and breath not unlike that of an ash tray. So it is good that the habit and practice is slowly vanishing from our world. It will not happen tomorrow or maybe in 25 years. But in time it mainly go. But there will always be some who will never give it up. I wish them well and no ill will. But I would like to wish them that at a distance :)