Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Civil War Vet, my Great Great Grandfather, and his wife. Some memories of them and some of the writings of my Great Grandmother

This is my Great Great Grandfathers discharge from the Army in 1865. Now there are as far as I know, no photographs of Jacob Schick. So all I have of his is this discharge. But I know a little of the man. I had good historic conversations with my Grandfather when I was a little boy. Now these conversations took place when I was between the ages of 6 and 8. Needless to say that was a long time ago. So I am trying to recall in as deep a fashion what he told me about his Grandfather. My conversations with my grandfather took place between 1963-65. As it was the 100th anniversary of the great war and I was full of questions.

This I recall...My Grandfathers Grandfather was born in Bavaria Germany in 1842. He came to the United States in 1864. His trade was a good one for the time. He was a blacksmith. In fact I recall my Grandfathers story about Jacob Schick. He said that he had been kicked on the head by a mule, and for all of his life he had the imprint of a horseshoe on his bald head. I remember my Grandfather said he was bald. He originally lived in New York City. Then he joined the Union Army as a blacksmith on April 5, 1865. Well, the war ended in May, and he was taken out of the army in July. But it sure is a treat today to have his papers from the Civil War. His wife Theresa Schick was also originally from Germany. They would eventually move to West Hobo ken, New Jersey and lived out the rest of their days there.

This is my Great Great Grandmothers passport from the 1860's

There is not too much listed save for the fact it says Amerika

The final page of her passport as to where anything is written.

This is my Great Great Grandmother Theresa Schick (1841-1926) with my Grandfather William Henry Rothermier (1899-1968). This photograph was taken in front of the family homestead on Clinton Street in West Hoboken in 1917. It is the only photograph I know of, of her. The only way I can think of getting closer to them is a few items I own that I know were in the Schick homestead back around 1900. I have 2 items I know of here.

This is part of a set that was in the Schick household around 1900. I also have the other, but it is quite similar to the other one. They are quite beautiful and have velvet around the picture.

This is my Great Great Grandmother's tea pot. From the 1890's. This is another item I know came from that house. It is quite beautiful. I also have a number of pieces of china and dishware that was a part of that household.

This was the wedding document for my Great Grandparents in 1898, as you can see by the date on it. My Great Grandmother kept some information in it. It is here I learn more about my Grandfather and also some other members of my family. It is quite a piece of history.

Info for the wedding, which I see was witnessed by my Great Great Grandmother and signed by her too.

Then come the sad death notices for my Great Grandfather. By the way he was a baker who came to this country in 1892. I have his immigration papers and will show them another time. But he was a baker and caught a bad flu and died from its effects.

This is information my Great Grandmother kept concerning her son. There were two newspaper notices concerning him. One covers his being wounded. In which I spent quite a bit of time on in a previous article.

Here you see my Great Grandmothers notes and clippings concerning my Great Great Grandparents and their deaths.

It is really interesting to have some history around from my family and I am glad to share some of it with you.