Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What was reburied with JFK when he was reintered in 1967?

A Wilbur Vault...It is what Kennedy's coffin has laid in since 1963. It has never been opened since then, or tampered with.

There has always been a question of what became of some of the materials dealing with the Kennedy assassination. The locker with all the important items had been under the control of several people. Mainly Evelyn Lincoln, JFK's very loyal secretary, and afterwards Robert Kennedy.

In February 1966 JFK's bronze casket that his body had been transported in from Dallas was dumped by the military into the Atlantic Ocean in 9,000 feet of water. This was done under the supervision of Robert Kennedy.

Many have wondered if indeed all the lab samples, blood samples and Brain Matter were also dumped into the sea. I would take a guess and say why not? RFK had already lied through his teeth about most of what had happened in the Kennedy White House and also the battles that took place in the background over the body, autopsy, and some of the organs removed from the body to hide evidence.
So I would guess that in that casket was placed things that would not last in an ocean environment. Makes sense.
Many people think that many of the items were buried again with Kennedy when his casket (enclosed in a vault) was moved to a new site. Here is some information, from the House Assassination Committee on the re interment, which the head of Arlington National Cemetery under oath tells what he recalled and did.

After failing to determine the fate of the missing
materials by tracing that chain of custody, the committee
investigated the possibility that someone had placed the missing
autopsy items all of which were physical specimens taken from the
body of President Kennedy, in the final grave on reinterment, on
March 14, 1967. The persons contacted who were present for the
ceremony could not recall any additional package or material being
placed in the grave. The Superintendent of Arlington National
Cemetery from 1951 to 1972 John Metzler, informed the committee
that he attended the burial of the President and the reinterment.
At the time of burial, the coffin was placed in a "Wilbur" vault,
which has a lid and vault that operate on a tongue and groove
system. Tar is placed on the points of contact of the grooves to
insure a tight fit and permanent seal. Metzler witnessed the
lowering of the lid and the sealing of the vault, and believed
that the only method to open the vault subsequently would be to
break the lid on the main portion of the vault.

Metzler supervised the reinterment in 1967 and was
present at all phases of the transfer: from the opening of the old
site through the transfer by crane of the vault to the closing of
the new site Metzler said there was no way anyone could have
placed anything in the coffin or vault during the transfer without
his seeing it. Metzler also said that nothing could have been
placed in the vault since 1963 because there was no indication of
damage to the vault indicating any disturbance. Metzler stated
further that no one placed anything in the new or old gravesite
besides the vault.

So my thoughts are that they were tossed into the sea...within a week there would be nothing left of the evidence, and it would be lost forever....I cannot prove it...But if I wanted to get rid of some real sensitive material, man that is the way to do it.
Of course Robert Kennedy was very keen to get rid of as much evidence as possible. I am sure he did, and by this action has robbed the future of evidence that would help us understand. But what he needed to hide was all the problems that the President had, and all the drugs he was on.

Robert Kennedy was not alone. He was joined by a totally incompetent autopsy crew, a totally messed follow up on most areas of evidence, and a ill informed investigation team, and the lack of security on items that were important to the investigation of a murder.
I am not of the feeling it was conspiracy as much as it was bungled by some really piss poor people who had no right or qualifications to do what they did.

By the poor actions by the President, the Warren Commission, and Robert Kennedy's illegal taking of government property, the case became a shame. That is why we are so confused today and can never let this case die. Because these people really screwed it all up for us.