Monday, November 26, 2007

RMS Titanic's sister ship. The RMS Olympic. A postcard written on board the great vessel in the late 1920's

They write "At Sea" The card says they are nearing the coast of France. I guess this card was bought on board and then posted at the ships post office. The days of ships like the Olympic and her unfortunate sisters Titanic and Britannic are long since gone.
One rarely takes a voyage to get somewhere..Today it is the cruise. I know we have so much today in the way of technology. But I often wonder do we really have it better?
In our world of high speed and rush, rush...I often think the idea of a 6 days ocean voyage just to get somewhere seems like a gift from the gods.

Well as the person who sailed on The Olympic wrote "This voyage has been perfect. Sunny skies and calm seas and a salt breeze that has blown all the cobwebs out of my brain." I think we could all use a trip on that grand ship if she was still with us. But sadly she like her sisters are from another time and are long gone....The last of the Olympic was torn apart 70 years ago this year.