Monday, November 26, 2007

The Normandie...The wonder ship from France ... Some items from her maiden arrival and mementos of her short sailing life 1935-1939

The Normandie was news..She was the wonder ship from France. She was an art deco wonder. Her arrival was noted and heralded in the press. All kinds of ads had her picture on it.
Here is a massive ad for the maiden arrival in NYC for the Normandie.

Here are some drawings of her interiors as pictured in Fortune Magazine June 1935

Here is an original French line advertising picture of the liner. This was the standard picture used at French Line offices.

Another shot taken in New York Harbor and used for advertising.

The Normandie was an amazing vessel. Perhaps one of the greatest ships built in the 20th century. She was an art gallery afloat. She was the pride of France. Everything that France could do to make her a success was done. She was ever so popular. Always on the minds of people. But she never made money.

By the time she had all the bugs worked out and starting a career. Clouds of war covered Europe. She was brought to the United States and impounded there starting in 1939. By 1942 through stupidity, and possible terrorism she was destroyed by fire and sunk by New York City fire boats that poured so much water onto the ship that she capsized and was a total loss.

I will write more about her end later. For now we look at the living ship and her maiden voyage. She took the Blue Ribbon as the fastest ship on the Atlantic. I have been on a ship kick here over the last few days, and it has been a pleasure adding some of these stories and pictures of rare artifacts dealing with these many vessels.