Saturday, November 24, 2007

The end of the line....The last voyage of the RMS Aquatania in Feb. 1950

The ship beautiful as she was called was on her way to scrap yard. After 35 years under one house flag. She did what few ships would ever do. In the story on this blog before this, you see the first pictures of the ship when she was being introduced to the world. Here is as she looked as she said goodbye.

But she was not the graceful ship she was in 1914. The bridge was an after thought and certainly looked it. The grace that was the Aquatania was from another era. The ship that came out before radio was introduced, left the world when TV would broadcast her fate.
She was also the only 4 stacked liner to be filmed in color. Sadly that color footage would be of her trip to the bone yard. But none the less we have some. She was the last survivor of the old four stacked liners. After her it was all over. But what an era it was.