Sunday, July 08, 2012

30 years of the Personal Computer 1982 - 2012

I remember when they came out...It was a big thing. I had worked in a company that made payroll checks and there was a fellow there who was very much the computer geek. He wanted me to read a book in 1981 when I worked there, it was all about the personal computer and what it would do. Well I read it half - hearted and gave it back to him. It talked of a world in which the personal computer would have a major focus in a persons life. I thought that was nice but did not believe it,,,So much for being a visionary.

 We used a computer in that office. It was a monster with tape reels, lights, and a computer console to write commands.  It was at this time I learned all the light bulbs that went on and off in front of a computer did really nothing but convince the user the computer was doing something.

In 1982 the IBM company introduced the IBM XT and later the AT. They were so cool and did so much. Well at the time we thought so. I think the hard drive on the AT was 5 Megs. Everyone said why so big?

Well it was the beginning of a revolution . I had seen it from the beginning when you had computers that used cassette tapes and all other things that were around. I write this now on a device that is far removed from that AT..But is in its lineage.  30 years of the personal computer and it has come here and what will the next 30 years bring?

I can only dream......... But now I will believe it