Saturday, July 21, 2012

The first type of disc record with a label 1900

Before the Consolidated Gram-O-Phone record came on the scene the only disc records available had etched labels. This label which arrived on the scene in 1900. The records were manufactured by Eldridge Reeves Johnson in Camden, New Jersey. Even though the address of the company says Philadelphia. These are the first and some of the most rare of the pre dog Victors as we like to call them. Within two years of this  first recording, the Victor Talking Machine Company will be producing records with a logo that at one time was the most famous in the world. A picture of a little terrier looking into a Berliner Gramophone. But this is where the Victor company starts...Making several thousands of these little seven inch records. When it was still fashionable to use the term gramophone in the United States.