Thursday, July 12, 2012

George Washington praying at Valley Forge 1777. One of the most outlandish lies in American history !!

The scene is so familiar to us. Washington kneels in the snow outside of his quarters at Valley Forge.  There he prays for his country, his men, and the war. Lovely!

This story and picture is so well known that it is part of our history. Of course it is true we are told.

We know it is true, because the same man who told us about Washington's attack on the Cherry tree, told us this story!  So we know it is true!  WINK!!!

Lets be honest the Cherry tree story is the second biggest out and out lie about Washington. It is only beaten out by this one!
Parson Weems who wrote the biography of Washington, did not know too much about Washington's early life. Therefore, he added a little drama here and there.  In simple terms he just made up stories that would make Washington look good to the common man of the time.
It did not matter if they were true, it was to show his greatness. Washington did not do this at Valley Forge any more than he attacked the cherry tree.

In this case he used a local Quaker named Potts who saw the entire event. Research proves that Potts was not even there at the time. Oh well...

 It is a lie that has been told so long we think it is true.  No one believes the cherry tree story, but here we have people saying  it is true...It has been painted time and time and time again!  Why not do some more pictures of the Cherry Tree incident!

Well, it is not true as said before..  There is so much misinformation on Washington. He was a great man and did not need this nonsense added to his life to make him greater. Washington was a deist and a dandy. It was not his style. Last thing he was going to do is pray in the snow!

Why would he have to pray in the snow when he could do it right inside where it is warmer. Remember Washington always had a nice place to stay while the general army froze pretty much in the cold weather.

Weems turned Washington into something he never was. The sad part was that Weems next project, was to do a biography on Napoleon, of whom he knew less about than Washington.

American history is sadly 70% fact and 30% good for growing tomatoes!   Let us pray!