Sunday, July 01, 2012

I am tired of Religion and Gods..It is really man's worst and most destructive invention.

I have come to dislike religion more and more as time goes on. For I have found it to be one of the most evil cults on earth. Now there are so many  religions today and each is about as ridiculous as the other. We have Christians of all kinds, Muslims of all kinds, Jews of all kinds, Mormons, and a mess of others.

I cannot say there is no such thing as a God. I am a Deist and do not believe that the Gods of religion exist. I do believe there may be a ruling power to the universe. What ever that may be,

  Man has been inventing Gods since time began. It is part of our culture to create a deity, make up a few good stories about it and then worship it. It is how we have worked since we evolved from apes.
Don't forget give it lots of money too!  Money and religion go together. 

It is big business that I think should be taxed

 It is fun to read some of the nonsense that comes out of the mouths of the  Christians and Muslims. As they dislike each other and have been killing each other in the name of religion for well over a thousand years. What is godly about that?  Anyone really think about that? To kill each other in the name of some God?  

Why does religion attract such stupid people?

  Why do we kill each other over a fairy tale? God is (which ever one you believe in) the biggest BS story ever created. 
It is embarrassing to ones intellect to have to even think that people really believe this babble. I have a feeling that many of those who say they believe, in reality do not. But they do not have the guts to say it. I would also guess that a good 50% of those who say they are religious feel most of it is nonsense.

 Also did I forget to mention that many in the religion industry say nothing cause it is too good a cash cow!

The United States was formed deliberately with no religion or God in its founding documents. The Declaration says creator. A creator may be a comet for all we know.

 James Madison made sure that there was no Clergy in the meetings of the Constitution. He wanted it to be free of religion and its problems.  The founders of the United States were Deists, and looked at religion as very odd. To them it was very odd indeed, but needed to control the populace. 

Washington would go to church services for political reasons and remove himself before he would have to be forced to take communion of which he did not believe.
 Thomas Jefferson  rewrote the New Testament and removed all that looked foolish, nonsensical, and for in his thoughts stupid. The book was very thin when he finished.
James Madison was a deist, Benjamin Franklin  fell close to atheism,   John Adams said that half the troubles of the world dealt with the cross.

 In later days Abraham Lincoln wrote a paper on the foolishness of religion and had a lot of good laughs over it.. But was told to get rid of it when he ran for President. He used religion to sway votes and control people. He was much like those of the past a deist. Any one of the great thinkers could see past the smoke and mirrors of religion. 
One has to remember that political leaders will always use God as a part of a speech or saying. Lincoln did it wonderfully. He did not agree but knew he had to sway rather unintelligent people. He found that using God, the bible and various religious overtones won him the heart of the people. 
Perhaps the greatest intellect ever who was President, John Quincy Adams wrote that he still read the bible but had become increasingly doubtful of its truths.  
Even in this day and age politicians will use religion to sway the vote. He is a god fearing man !!  That should get you a few votes. I know people who use religion in their business as it attracts people. They feel that this person is better and more trustworthy. 
Lastly on American history. We have had lots of wars and always pray to God to make sure we kill the enemy. To slit his guts, to kill his children, to ruin his life, to wreck his family, and lastly to reap ruin on his descendants. That is always a nice thing that we pray for.  Of course that is what God is for to help you in battle to kill others. What  does the other side pray for?  You see how silly this is?  Religion and its cruel nature makes a mockery of polite society

Man and religion are incompatible. 

  Just go to the Middle East and enough is said. Just go to one of these crazy Christian gatherings. My favorites are the mass hysteria that comes from these groups. It is like these religion are doing their best to keep people as stupid and ill informed as possible. It is like slavery.   No slave was to be taught to read as they might figure out they were being screwed big time by their masters. It is also important to remember that religion and the bible was favorable on things such as slavery, murder and putting down women. The New Testament is even worse in many regards. 
The Mormons were anti black till the later part of the 20th century. Antisemitism was practiced by the Catholic Church till the 1960's. The born again crowd and rabid whites were happy to kill and hang blacks as they thought it becoming to their needs, ie. the KKK.
 It has been proved generally, that the more religious one is the lower generally the IQ is. The results are available on line.  Now of course there are exceptions to any rule. There are some real stupid atheists. But if you take each group into a lot you see a great deal of difference.

This shows IQ scores based on members of religions  Asians are by nature gifted with the largest brains. I have learned that from researchers. Largest does not always mean strongest, however on this study it seems the case.

The Egyptians had Gods and for a while they had only one God, the Greeks did, the Romans, and all the other races created their new gods. The Christian Gods were made up using a lot of the old Egyptian lore. The Mormons made up their religion using the texts of the Christians and some clever fantasy as well.( aren't all of them using clever fantasy to tell the truth) 
  All of these Gods are as real as the Gods some people worship today. The Christian God system, the Muslim God, the Jewish God, the Hindi God, and more. All are the same, all are idols to be worshiped and feared. Because if you do not worship these Gods they will treat you in a very nasty way, cause they love you. But what one always has to see is the need of money, cause Gods who ever they are have a big problem. Their priests talk about their miracles and great works of God. But God cannot help at all. It is a good racket. But God really had a money problem.

To show how very silly religion can be, the Prime Minister of Malaysia said that gays, liberalism and the like  in that country go against the teachings of Islam and therefore against the government. He is going crazy over this nonsense. His tirade was funny to see.  It makes the government of Malaysia as sick as that stupid religion.  Cause the religion is in charge of the government and the government is the religion.  I can quote myself here on what I wrote about this nonsense in Malaysia  and the foolishness of religion and its followers elsewhere.

I see here a vivid example of how a simple idea is corrupted into massive vortex. Religion was invented to control the masses and the weak minded. The idea that a man up in the sky is in charge of your existence and operation, is pretty simple minded to put it lightly. Religion has proved over the last few thousand years that it is an easy and usually profitable way to control others.
This is the same group that tried to outlaw tomboys. I am sorry that is more asinine than almost anything I can fathom. But not content with this little blurb of foolishness the Prime Minister has let out with this mid-evil tirade on what makes for a happy country. On what makes his backward understandings of what makes government work. Religion has no place in government, and government has no reason to be involved in religion. One is fact, one is theory. But allowing himself to speak on authority of a theory, he had damaged fact in government.

For the words of Abraham Lincoln ring out in my ears as I see what has happened here. Lincoln put free speech and the public understands of it in a simple a powerful way and it fits to a tee here.

" It is far better to be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all the doubt".

The Prime Minister has shown he has neither the wisdom or the intellect to follow those simple words. They will come in time to haunt him as there is nothing to protect ones free speech from its abuse. There is a saying that you are what you eat, and for desert you get a fresh and cold serving of what you have said.
Revenge is best served cold. It will as many fire back at the intellectually challenged leader of a confused and outdated government, who's best days are far behind them and who's future seems more certain for a history book, rather than the modern dialog of people and nations.

Religion has screwed another country. 

 It sounds like Circus Elephants in a big tent going in a circle. Each one holds on to each others tail and they are going nowhere. Cause it has no qualified leader.

If we really want to look at stupidity in its highest form. lets go no further than the Pope. Now what is this nonsense about condoms?  All of the Africans they have converted to their silly religion and they tell them that they cannot use condoms!!!   How damned stupid is that!  On the hands of the Catholic church is the death of millions of people. Who are more concerned with using condoms than controlling many of their pedophile priests with molesting children.  The Pope is as fallible as I am. There is nothing holy about him. And his crazy views only show that. If he was enlightened by a god he would help people , not condemn their deaths. The Catholic religion has killed countless people due to mid-evil nonsense. What that wicked religion has done to children is pure evil. I look at them as practically as criminals hiding behind a religion. 
Let's hope that religion dies soon, as it has hurt too many people and is far too evil in too many ways.   Its counter part Islam is equally wicked and has ruined the lives of even more people than the Catholics.

Once again you can see how religion has been hi-jacked.  I am sure there are many very good and decent people who are very religious and cannot understand the anger one feels over this. Well my answer is this....

The concept of religion is to be the embrace of God. That the religion is to help, nurture, and uplift people.  I am sure there are many congregations in the world who do this, but there are just as many that do not. Hitler's sister was nice, so maybe we should say that Hitler was too. Hell no! Hitler was a monster and the first person who tries to change that will be condemned. I feel the same about the religions, some have been good at times, but others are pure evil. 

Therefore I will condemn monsters. 

Isn't it time to free ourselves of this mid-evil terror. Be it Christian  or Muslim. Both are equally stupid and demeaning to those they are supporting. As far as I am concerned I can not see any reason to believe any of this cheap magic show. It worked centuries ago, but we also know now that the earth revolves around the sun. That was dogma in Galileo's time. In fact he was brought up on charges by the church for heresy. Oh just so you know he was forgiven about 20 years ago!  The religions I have mentioned are belittling to women, blacks, anyone who uses their mind freely. The one thing that is most important in religion is that you do not think, or question. Cause if many of these members of what ever religion did, they would wonder what the hell they were doing in such a ridiculous setting.  

Thinking and original thought are two of the things that scares these religions to death . 
 The Pope is useless as is the religion he caters too. It was invented using a great deal of Egyptian symbolism and of course uses idols all over the place just like any Egyptian temple would. Even the story of Jesus is partly copied from Egyptian texts of death and Resurrection. And just guess who is one of the richest of religions? The Pope sits on a lot of money....It is all about money and power. It has always been!  Easter and Christmas were Pagan holidays just named such to fit their dogma.

Were we always this clueless?  In the dark ages religion was used to keep control and order and lastly a good way to make some money. Religion was designed to handle and control less than keen minds.
 I really think it is time for us to grow out of this fairy tale nonsense and stop killing each other over it!   It just too stupid for words. And an embarrassment to intellect to think any of this is real.

But in history we have killed and will keep killing each other because we believe in our Gods..... What ever God that is.  I think Zeus is a good one or Poseidon. They are as real as any god that can be produced today. It is a sad comment on man to see how stupid religion has made him. It may be a source of comfort for some, but it will be the end of man and his destruction if he does not learn to get away from it.. I have no problems with a higher power, but this man made religion nonsense is deadly.

 Remember it was in the name of God that the Christians killed tens of thousands of Muslims and now in the name of God Muslims wish to do the same to Christians.  Both were, are, and will always be as dreadful and fancifully fictitious as any mind numbing cult.  

What utter rubbish!