Wednesday, July 04, 2012

July 4 2012 ...

I am quietly listening at home to roar of the fireworks in several areas including NYC. It fills the air with the excitement that is this time of year. I am reminded as John Adams was dying on this date in 1826. He could hear the roar of the cannon celebrating what he pushed for. He wrote in 1776 that he would expect to hear in the future cannons, bells, and pageantry  to honor this great day. As he died he could hear those very things going on in the country around him.

Remember his toast given a week before his death and a commission came to see him and asked for him to give a toast. He said he would give nothing more than the toast "Independence forever"

Thank you John Adams  We still do not recognize the great things you did..  But someday there may be a monument to you in Washington DC.  You deserve it more than practically anyone who has a monument there.