Sunday, July 08, 2012

John F. Kennedy and Mimi Alford. His sexual affair with an intern. She just wrote her tell all book called "once upon a secret"

JFK and sex...Well what is new about that?  It seems what ever was warm he was ready to jump on. He had sex with so many different people and acquired so many venereal diseases it is a wonder he was able to do what he needed too.
 We can see now he had unprotected sex as this (at the time) young lady talks about a possible pregnancy scare. He comes across in her a book as bit of sick predator, which indeed he was.

The files on JFK's sexual problems has been some how lost (surprising) But it is known that he required more and more Penicillin to deal with his reoccurring bouts of gonorrhea. But it was with this young lady and her book that he comes across as a kind of sad and pathetic sex maniac.

  Who does not know this already about Kennedy? It is kind of well known in most histories. Even his statement to Prime Minister Macmillan of England in which he said "I get a headache if I don't have strange piece of ass every few days"  I am paraphrasing.  But Mimi Alford, was outed..... So she spoke up and shared the info.

The TV show the VIEW panned it, but when has anything important ever been said on the VIEW. It was an an interesting book.But they were not happy to have the info come out.

Kennedy as you may know if you read this blog was always my hero. He still is, but he is more human now and bit more sick..But many people do sick perverse things and that is their fun.  I guess this was Kennedy's thing.. Sex with one person, groups, and who knows what else... i have heard several stories about Provence town, but I will not go there.  I know he liked to do it in the bathtub with M. Monroe. Easier on the bad back.  He had Fiddle and Faddle in the White House if he needed a quickie. The Secret Service would procure a few hookers when needed.

So ask not what you can do for your Country ..what can you do for your President?

Well he had his fun and she talked about ...Good for her!