Wednesday, July 04, 2012

July 4th 2012

I am quietly spending time here at home during this historic day. It is hot and I have not been in the mood to go anywhere lately. So I will quietly celebrate the holiday on my own. What does this day signify ?  It has been made into many things and many of them are not quite correct.

Remember independence was declared on July 2 1776...Although even still it did not mean as much as we make of it now. It was a document that was treason. all who signed were surely aware that death was a close option.

The paperwork was signed on the 4th.  It became by error and pretty much right from the start that the 4th was the day..But Adams wrote on July 3rd 1776...That yesterday it was finally done.

So yes this is the day we call our birthday..In many ways it is not. The declaration did nothing really but state what we believed. It did not give us independence. That would take many years of fighting with soldiers and politicians.

Our real birthday is the signing of the Constitution. Which created the country we now live in. The country of the Declaration and the Articles of  Confederation (which was our first constitution of sorts) was bagged and left behind...  So remember our real birthday is Sept 17, 1787  That is the day the current United States of America was born.

On this day remember 3 US Presidents died.

John Adams
Thomas Jefferson
James Monroe

It is fitting also that the great Atlas of Independence John Adams died on the 4th.  He was the man who gave  us the nerve and power to fight. No one comes close to him in creating our and fighting for our independence from a political standpoint at least. But even still he held a musket in defence again a possible British attack..Few others in that convention did that. However some did more, much more.  i will write of them soon.

 Specially not in that catogory was Jefferson who was mainly the scribe of the document.  I have no love for Jefferson, but he also died this day. Always the coward, always hid behind others, yet we honor him for all his great works and that stupid monument in Washington creates a false impression of who he really was.  But in June and July he did the only real brave action of his life and that was to join with the others in revolution.

Today I will hear of mainly of Thomas Jefferson and all of his great works and maybe by small chance John Adams. So you see how much history gets changed around. That's life. That's history!