Monday, July 02, 2012

You never know who you are going to meet in a cemetery. In this city of the dead I had a rather lively conversation with a spiritualist.

I decided to take a stroll through Newark's Mt Pleasant Cemetery. It had been a number of years since I had done so. I last went there in 2005 and thought that it would be nice to see it again.
 I had a lot on my mind and I sometimes find this kind of place a good one to just chill out. Where I can think and let out a little pressure. I needed that and this is the place to find yourself sometimes.

I went and saw some of the mausoleums and fancy structures.  I stopped over to see Mary Edison's grave for a while. I just relaxed there and sat on the stone seat provided by her husband Thomas for when he came to see her.
While I was pretty much in my own little world not paying much attention to what was going on, I heard a voice say "Thank you for coming to the cemetery"  I was a little shocked as I did not see anyone anywhere. Then I saw a fellow dressed in Traditional African items carrying a  spear. I must confess I was a little surprised and a bit scared as you do not meet many people anywhere, let alone a cemetery carrying a spear.

But this warm young gentleman said with a smile "Thank you for visiting the cemetery, so few people do. And the dead want to be seen now and then. That is why they erected all of this"  He gave me his name and told me he was there to calm the spirits. He was a spiritual guide of sorts.

 So he sat with me for a while as we joined into conversation about the spirit world in which he frequents. It was fascinating and I learned that he comes there often to look after the graves and the dead. He told me that the spirits use the number 9 in their conversation. He talked of many things, Newark, the people buried there and people living outside the gates, the state of the world, slavery, shootings and murders and much more. I talked to him about some history of Newark, slavery and sharing some thoughts I had that might help him.
 So after having both  learned a few new things he and I went our own ways. I went to the car, he went back to the dead and looked after them. Both of us maybe a bit bewildered on this chance encounter and this most unique and unusual conversation of the likes I doubt I will ever have again.

I am not one to think much of the spirit world, but who knows? All I know is that the cemetery there has a great supporter and the dead there have a great advocate!